Back in the USA

Back when I was a kid (long ago and in a far better land which was the USA) no one I knew went to college, but most of us had a better education by the 8th grade than current college graduates.

Back in that pre-liberal world (back when we had never heard of hope and change) public schools taught the three Rs and taught them well and you either learned them, or spent some extra years in school or dropped out.  I didn't spend extra years or drop out, I was asked to leave in no uncertain terms (after much experience on the wrong end of a slat with holes drilled in it).

When you turned eighteen, you were expected to get a job or join the military (I joined).  Then if you were so disposed, you either went to trade school or went to college part-time or used the GI bill after service (that's what I did and made the Dean's list).

Back in those bad ole days of capitalism and patriotism you couldn't buy a house unless you could pay for it and being on the dole in any way or having a child out-of-wedlock was considered shameful; you see we were a benighted people, we were not progressive.  We thought we were responsible for our actions, we should earn what we received, pay for what we bought, return what we borrowed, were bound by our word, and answered to God.  Silly us!

Now, with proper liberal indoctrination, we know that everyone is entitled to a fine new house, a new car, health care insurance, a job we are not qualified for (or perpetual unemployment benefits), free food, rent subsidies, free cell phones, have a spouse of the same gender (maybe soon.... of another species), feel guilty for being male and/or white, vote as many times as we want for a candidate and issues we know nothing about, and as the Tea Party Economist shows; get a diploma which does us no good and a personal debt we can never pay.

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