Carter Trashes Obama - OMG

Geez, when the Second Worst President goes after the Absolute Worst you have an event!  The fact that either of these Asshats ever occupied the White House proves we are going the way of the Romans.

WND: Jimmy Carter knows who to blame for the world’s troubles: the United States.

Speaking Sunday in San Francisco, the former president told the Commonwealth Club, “Our country is now looked upon as the foremost war-like nation on earth, and there is almost a complete dearth now of commitment of America to negotiate differences with others.”

It’s just the latest slam on the U.S. He’s also blasted staunch allies Britain and Israel, while offering words of support for America-haters Iran, Hamas, Saddam Hussein and North Korea.

This time, Carter even scorched the Obama administration for its handling of the Mideast.

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