The Case of the Phantom Ballots

The Miami Herald:  The first phantom absentee ballot request hit the Miami-Dade elections website at 9:11 p.m. Saturday, July 7. 
The next one came at 9:14. Then 9:17. 9:22. 9:24. 9:25. 
Within 2½ weeks, 2,552 online requests arrived from voters who had not applied for absentee ballots. They streamed in much too quickly for real people to be filling them out. They originated from only a handful of Internet Protocol addresses. And they were not random. 
It had all the appearances of a political dirty trick, a high-tech effort by an unknown hacker to sway three key Aug. 14 primary elections, a Miami Herald investigation has found.
The plot failed. The elections department’s software flagged the requests as suspicious. The ballots weren’t sent out. 
But who was behind it? And next time, would a more skilled hacker be able to rig an election? ...............
The story above is just the tip of the ice berg.  I'm convinced there has been MASSIVE voter fraud perpetrated by Democrats and that in fact, Obama did not actually win the past election.  No one seems, at least officially, to care too much.

I believe all national elections and maybe even local ones should be conducted by paper ballot (no matter how long it takes), voter ID required, and the military should oversee the elections and count the ballots.  I really don't think anyone else could be trusted; that's the state this country has fallen into under the corrupting influence of liberalism.

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