They Will Just Keep Eating Away

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Liberals are lowlife, sneaky assholes; they are like rats.  When confronted in day light, they scurry away, but they are always there in the sewers ready to spread the plaque.  They are tenacious, they never quit, they simply retreat and come back again and again.

A couple of these rats in Washington State crawled out of the sewer for a sneak attack and then scurried away when the sun came up:
Washington State Democrats have sponsored Senate Bill 5737, which has a little provision that apparently was to go unnoticed that would have said that police have a right to search a private citizen’s home once per year if they own certain types of firearms. 
Yes, that means liberal Democrats pushed forward this legislation in open and defiance of the Fourth Amendment. But that’s not all. When they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they exclaimed it wasn’t their fault and that they made mistake.
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Remember when ACORN was exposed in expanding voter fraud ?  They scurried away and changed their names, much as criminals use aliases so that they can continue unobserved.  But they are still being funded with taxpayer dollars to continue to subvert American morals and ethics.

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