We're From the Government - We're Here to Help

or - We're From the Government - We're Here to Help Murder

Siege of Mount Carmel, Waco, TX 1993

I believe David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were a bunch of sick, child abusers, but they did not deserve to be murdered without trial and the children certainly did not deserve the terror and murder meted out by their own government.

None of what the government did at Mount Carmel in 1993 was warranted or necessary, and AG Janet Reno should be serving life in prison for murder and conspiracy.

Here's what I mean by conspiracy.  This whole fiasco was planned far in advance and was meant to produce a media event and "photo op" for the BATF and it's only legal justification was as a a tax collection case

Also of note, was the use of active duty special operations personnel in violation of The Posse Comitatus Act.  Here is a compilation of the activities during the event.

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