What If Your Debit and Credit Cards Don't Work

EMP WOULD HIT BANKS 'AT SPEED OF LIGHT' 'Keep cash' recommended as records loss would make buying food, gas impossible How much cash do you normally have on hand? What if your debit and credit cards don't work and you can't access your accounts at the bank. They won't give you any money unless they know you have money on deposit and they don't keep paper ledgers any more.

 WND: WASHINGTON – It’s happening with increasing regularity – a giant sunspot that is at least six times the diameter of the Earth formed in less than a few hours and is spewing solar flares that can be up to six or seven times the size of the Earth. 
These flares are becoming more frequent due to the sun approaching what scientists call a solar storm maximum in its 11-year cycle, and the sunspot of immediate concern now is more in alignment with Earth. 
This has raised new alarms over what effect a direct impact one of these flares, which produce a massive electromagnetic pulse, would have on America’s electric grid system and technology-based society, much of which remains unprotected from any direct EMP event. This is not some esoteric scientific theory. Try this: It could make your bank accounts no more than a file on a hard drive in a bank office, unreachable by you or your creditors, experts warn. Read more here ..........

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