Where Are the Tears

The horrendous Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting happened just as Obama decided to initiate gun control.

He was so sad, he cried on national TV, I wanted to pat him on the shoulder and say there, there, didn't you?  He's such a caring man, really concerned for the children, and us all.

WELL WHAT ABOUT the kids in Chicago, his "home" town, where he learned leadership and his great friend Rahm Emanuel is running things?  Maybe he ought to ask Rahm how well gun control laws work.

From:  Crime in Chicago:

62 School Age Children Murdered in Chicago So Far This Year

446 School Age Children Shot in Chicago in 2012

Chicago has the strongest gun control regime in the nation. Both assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are completely banned in the city. And up until the 2010 Supreme Court decision that legalized them, handguns were banned too.

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