Work At Home - Don't You Wish You Could

Not anymore at Yahoo
Mail Online: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has some employees up in arms after she put the kibosh on working remotely from home and is now calling all Yahoo staff to report to the office.  
The move will only impact a small percentage of the company's workforce, primarily customer service representatives or staffers who work in city's where Yahoo does not have an office.  
But the internal announcement on Friday has ruffled feathers as many employees say the flexible work arrangement is a key part of their job and will have a significant impact on their personal lives. 
'Many such staffers who wrote me today are angry, because they felt they were initially hired with the assumption that they could work more flexibly. Not so, as it turns out,' Swisher wrote in a blog posting about the change expected to impact several hundred workers.  
The company headquarters is located in Sunnyvale, California, near San Jose. The public corporation employs 11,500 people in more than 20 countries across the globe.
I wonder why?  Maybe most people can't be trusted to do their job without oversight?

Guess what, tens of thousands of civilian Federal employees work from home.  Over 40,000 just in Washington, DC.  In fact 78% of all civilian Federal employees are eligible to do so.  I personally know some, and they only have to come into the office once every two weeks.

The Feds will tell you this has reduced their carbon foot print, increased productivity,  reduced employee turn over, saves office space and many other positive things.

Even, if all that were true, and I don't believe it is;  there are far, far too many Federal employees, they are over paid (I was one of them), a preponderance are unqualified, and many have really bad attitudes.

That said, there are many good, hard working and dedicated people working for the government, but few of them are above middle management.

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