A Liberal Look at Conservatism

I just stumbled across a liberal rant, entitled 'Republicans Label President Obama and the American People the Enemy',  dated November 10, 2012 which left me numb.

It's a moonbat reaction to conservative reaction of the 2012 reported election results.

I'll step out there now, and risk becoming  one of the author's 'racist hatemongers' and say that I don't think Obama actually won an election, he stole the office through blatant cheating and was able to do so with the help of strategic, localized ballot manipulation, corrupt liberal officials including the DOJ and various State's Secretaries of State (and subsidiary offices and conspiratorial news media.

First read this article:  PoliticusUSA.

It's an ironic criticism of the truth, Obama and the American people who voted for him are the enemy.

Granted, some conservatives were so stunned that someone so incompetent and so damaging to America could even come close to winning re-election, but actually stay in office (myself included) they made statements which were completely unacceptable to anyone stupid enough not to understand the damage the nation had unleashed upon itself by allowing Barrack Obama to remain in the White House.

The author of this crap, intimates innocence and outrage at the vitriol used by some to express their horror at the utter stupidity of what the American electorate had just done to the nation.  That election may, and probably will become an act of national suicide.

But what is so typical and so tragic is that liberal moonbats such as the author of this article are so locked up in their own ideology they are incapable seeing reality.

If you criticize Obama, you're a racist because he's black.  Is being so 'open-minded' as to by elect and keep a President so bad for America as to assure it's destruction more important than national survival?

Obama puts out a biographic book, admitting he accepts his father's hatred of America, he has a preacher and mentor who publicly expresses hatred of white people and America for twenty years, he surrounds himself with domestic terrorists and Marxists, but for liberals all that should be overlooked or ignored.  Why, because they hate America too, or is it because he's black so that's understandable?  I don't get it.  They don't seem to like blacks like Alan West, Thomas Sowell,  Alan Keyes,  Herman Cain, J.C. Watts, or Ken Blackwell; in fact they seem to find black conservatives much more despicable than white conservatives.

An electorate with Obama's record in front of them and who let him stay because of the color of his skin and their own erroneous selfish interests should be reviled and scorned.

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  1. Obama won for one simple reason. It wasn't vote stealing. It was because the Blue Collar Working Class Whites, in large measure, stayed at home. Who were we gonna vote for? The big government loving, gun banning, socialized medicine pushing liberal who constantly expressed his disdain for working class whites OR Obama? America will survive. We survived Wilson, the idiot Roosevelt cousins, Johnson and Bush the Lesser. We will survive Obama.