America Has Changed We Have to Change to Get it Back

The last national election showed me that America has changed, not improved, changed.

When a worthless, completely unaccomplished incumbent in the White House who has done nothing except make things worse, even for his closest constituents, can get re-elected (if he did), then something fundamentally bad about our society has occurred.

Progressive liberalism and it's propaganda arms we call public education and mass media have so undermined the core of our society's values, principles, and morals that our national identity is close to destruction.  More than half of our population is so ignorant and indoctrinated they cannot think for themselves and are too lazy to try.

Those who see all this feel isolated, frustrated, and discouraged because there seems to be no strong leadership to fight the tenacious, socialist disease overwhelming the nation except a for few lone warriors like Allen West, Tom Cruz and Rand Paul and they don't get the support they need from their colleagues or from us, the silent minority (we are not the silent majority - we remained silent too long).

Part of the problem as Rush Limbaugh points out is professional conservatives (the Party) look to popularity rather than leadership.  They don't practice what they preach.  They look at  polls and watch to see what liberals do to win and then try to emulate and sway so-called independents.  In the end, the candidates and platforms they present are not that different and they lose because the liberal media makes the difference through bias and dis-information.

Ann Coulter may have hit on of part the answer.  In the last paragraph of the linked story, she says:
"Your choice, Republicans: Take positions that will make you extremely popular, reduce mass murder in America and simultaneously reveal the insanity of the Democratic Party, or keep prattling about topics of interest to no one. Take all the time you need – 2014 is a whole year away."
That statement made me think: We need a new smarter strategy.  We need leadership, no strategy wins without leadership.  Stop picking candidates like the Bushs and Romney, they are good men but not leaders.  Pick a STRONG conservative and you have the base, then take a good hard look at America as it is now, not as it was or how we want it be (we can get that later).  Stop trying to win over Independents, lead and they will follow.  Pick issues that have mainstream  attention and go after them hard and with common-sense approaches.  Hammer at the stupidity of liberal responses and the failings of liberal leadership and most important, stop playing nice.  Liberals are aggressive, be more aggressive.

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  1. The GOP fears a strong conservative candidate. The differences between what passes for the GOP and the Dems is getting infinitely smaller - ie no real difference anymore.
    I try not to wear a tinfoil hat but damn, those people seem more correct in their thinking everyday...