Bad Cop

Happened in Las Vegas, cop rear ends the motorcycle and breaks out the scare tactics (threatens to write tickets) to get out of it).

I believe it's universal in all States, when you rear-end someone it always your fault, no matter the circumstances, because you are required to maintain a "safe" following distance.  When a citizen hits another vehicle in the rear, the law assumes you were not maintaining a "safe" distance.  That's been my experience.


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  1. My boss got rear ended in NJ, and he got the ticket. SEVERAL witness said that the kid just blasted into the back of him while he was pulling onto a turn ramp. They all said he signaled, was already in the lane, kid was zig-zagging through traffic, etc....Cop didn't care. My boss was from VT, and the kid was from Jersey, so you figure it out.....