Culture of Control

This cop is basically a good guy and a reasonable officer, but this brings up a point for discussion.

Even when a political entity recognizes the basic right to own and carry a gun, a citizen cannot do so without being molested by the police. Our society has been so conditioned by liberal control and misinformation that when someone exercises their rights by carrying a weapon in complete compliance with the law, people go nuts and call the police who then feel like they must respond.


  1. Yeah the officer was a reasonable fella, and I can see him being a bit nervous about it all, considering what he deals with on a daily basis.
    But the law is the law, and these guys were practicing their Constitutional right.
    And the fact that these guys are legal and law abiding , if that officer was suddenly in a shit storm, these guys would no doubt help him out and cover his backside.

  2. You bring up a good point; cops need to remember that the majority of us are their backup. They get so used to dealing with the scumbags they get a us against them attitude.