Evil By Any Other Name

The evil that is eating at this nation's innards is progressive liberalism.  It is every bit as destructive and corrosive as communism, but is more insidious in that it cloaks itself in the language of political correctness and the camouflage of altruism.  It's primary tool is bait and switch; it uses high-minded names and titles to create a positive perception of something iniquitous.  Examples include; Planned Parenthood (abortion provider), Community Organizer (socialist agitator), Center for American Progress (socialist political funding and action organization), choice (abortion), gay (homosexual), undocumented (illegal), multi-cultural (anti-American), democratic (socialist), inclusive (everyone except white male Christians).

Liberalism's war on morality, integrity, individual freedom and responsibility, ethics, family values, Christianity, patriotism, capitalism, and honor has brought the nation to the brink of economic and societal collapse.
Excerpts from Our Imploding World:  "Our Western civilization, like the heart of Eddie Willers' oak tree (in Atlas Shrugs), has been rotted out for decades. We are just learning the extent and scale of that rot. We no longer feel comfortable in our own country, and civilization seems to be the object of numerous lightning strikes: the growth of collectivism and its various applications of statism; a tolerance for various kinds of mysticism, from a vengeful environmentalism to a belligerent Islam; the denigration of individualism and the enthronement of the mob, the group, and the tribe; group warfare for the spoils of statism, for the wealth looted from bewildered and defenseless producers.

What is the nature of the rot? Basically, it is the disparagement and abandonment of reason and the substitution of its numerous antipodes: multiculturalism, "diversity," egalitarianism, militant subjectivism, organized envy, moral and economic relativism, irrationalism as a protected choice; systems of whim-worshipping non-absolutism. And an ingrained, inculcated anathema for reason, reality, individual rights, and capitalism, an anathema taught in our schools and flaunted in our culture from our theaters to Capitol Hill. 
The worst mistake to make is to ascribe the incremental collapse of civilization to some all-powerful, ineluctable, omnipotent conspiratorial force of evil. Evil is not "satanic." It is essentially a parasite. It feeds on weakness. Evil possesses the cunning of a moocher. Like jackals, vultures, and hyenas, it trails the greater predator, and moves in on the prey after it has been waylaid. It has no plan but to consume the scraps left by a greater predator.

The greater predator is anti-reason. Islam, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the Muslim Brotherhood - all the usual and numerous suspects we take for granted today, all the villains we rail against but whose origins we remain ignorant of but remain astounded by their callous indifference to reason - are merely the parasitical consumers of the living and the dead."


  1. Well said Chief. I wish you were wrong, but any reasonable person can see that you're not. I fear for my country.

  2. Thank you Chief for your eloquence. You hit the big ugly nail square on the head. I too fear for my country and my children s place in it. I will not equivocate and bend a knee. I have an obligation to leave the country in better shape for my children and theirs yet to be than the one I have awakened too.