Obama and the Emerging Caliphate

It seems Obama has adapted an old Reagan scheme.  Do You Remember the Iran-Contra Affair?

In the Iran-Contra affair back in the 1980's Reagan wanted to get hostages out of Iran and arm Nicaraguan rebels fighting a communist regime then in power.  Congress had blocked funding the Nicaraguan rebels called the Contras.  So Reagan used a scheme involving Israel and Iran to secretly get weapons to the Contras and get some Iranian held American hostages freed.  The scheme is explained here.  It was a bad idea!

News reports are tricking out which lead me to believe that Obama is adopting Reagan's bad idea on a much larger scale, with far more dangerous results.  It looks to me like Obama is encouraging the so-called 'arab spring' and secretly supplying weapons to jihadists, including al qaeda to overthrow heads of State in the Middle East and North Africa.

I can only speculate as to Obama's reasons for doing this, but it's obvious to me that the result, as we've seen in Egypt, will be that the entire Middle East and North Africa will become a giant Muslim caliphate, or string of theocracies like Iran.

News reports and questioning during Congressional investigations seem to indicate this is exactly what's going on and why the American compound in Benghazi was attacked.  Ambassador Stevens and our new CIA Director Brennan (who btw is a covert to Islam) were involved in gathering weapons supplied to rebels fighting Muammar Gaddafi and sending them on to rebels fighting Syria's Bashar al-Assad.

Now it appears Hillary Clinton has been caught perjuring herself before Congress when she said she did not know they were running weapons to the jihadists.

Now, I understand that Obama is actively trying to undermine the United States and Western Europe, and that he is a Muslim and a Marxist, but I can't get my head around why he is fostering the takeover of the Middle East by a bunch of rabid, uncontrollable jihadists.

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