Remember "Bush Lied, People Died"

Rumsfield talks about liberal accusations of Bush lying about WMDs in Iraq in this interview at 9:22 on this video.

I remember reading an article on the DebkaFile (an Israeli news source) about half way through the Iraq War saying that there was satellite imagery of the Russians moving WMDs out of Iraq and into the Bekaa Valley in east Lebanon during the period before the US actually invaded Iraq.

I remember researching this and was convinced that was what happened and is why we never found WMDs in Iraq after the invasion.  Everyone knew Saddam had WMDs, he used them against the Kurds.

What I have never understood is why the Bush administration never brought this to light.

Well here we are in 2013 with the Syria's Assad regime using chemical weapons and I'll bet they are some of the same WMDs which came from Iraq.

And Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely thinks so too.  Read about it here.

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