Sequester: The Sky is Falling

POLITICO:  "The public has largely tuned out the Democrats’ repeated warnings about mid-air plane crashes, troop deaths and mass illness from tainted meat if the sequester cuts stay in place. 
But Democrats aren’t dropping the threat of disaster, seizing now on the line they think can beat the Republicans: law and order.
Prison riots, cocaine flooding the streets, terrorists on board airplanes — even hurricanes and tornadoes left undetected by budget-slashed agencies — have moved front and center as Democrats try to get the public behind blaming the Republicans."
The Obama administration is trying everything it can to emphasize the nonextant impact of sequestration like the suspension of White House tours.  Those were probably considered an irritant to the WH anyway, and why should the sheeple be allowed to bother the King anyway.

But it appears the powers-to-be have a little egg on their face after making all kinds of dire warnings of impending disasters if those damned Republicans let sequestration occur and now no one is even noticing.

Don't be surprised if they manufacture some disasters just to prove themselves right.

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