The Moonbats Are After Sheriff Joe

A newly formed group of concerned Arizona citizens, named the "Citizens to Protect Fair Election Results" (CPFER), announced that it filed a legal demand so that an entity called "Respect Arizona" immediately cease and desist from initiating a recall of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or legal actions will be pursued against Respect Arizona and its officers personally.

CPFER is concerned that recalls of fairly elected officials are being improperly instituted outside of the law, are being initiated solely to overturn election results which recall proponents simply do not like, and have the real potential of voiding and thereby disenfranchising the votes of the majority.

Leftists have put a bull's-eye on Sherriff Arpaio's back because he created a Cold Case Posse lead by investigator Mike Zullo. This posse conducted thousands of hours of work and concluded that the document presented to the American public in April 2011 as Obama's birth certificate is undoubtedly fraudulent.

CPFER has hired Larry Klayman, Esq., the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch but Klayman will be appearing in his private capacity in this case. According to CPFER and Klayman, Arpaio is being subjected to an illegal and unconstitutional recall effort in a politically if not criminally motivated attempt to harass and prevent Arpaio from carrying out his duties as the chief law-enforcement officer of Maricopa County. 

Since Arpaio was only recently reelected to a sixth term on November 6, 2012, Respect Arizona’s petition is not only untimely but fails to set forth any valid grounds for a recall so soon after this election. 

"If Respect Arizona’s illegal recall effort were to become the norm, then all public officials in the state could be recalled without cause, thus severely harming the electoral system. Even judges could be subject to this sort of harassment. And, at a time of severe fiscal crisis, this illegal recall effort wastes the scarce resources of the taxpayers, the county and the state," Klayman says. 

WND:  I urge you to make a donation to support Sheriff Joe Arpaio right now – no matter the amount. If everyone who reads this appeal gave the minimum amount of $5, it would raise the considerable necessary resources to protect Sheriff Arpaio. 


  1. I live in Phoenix. The moonbats are ALWAYS trying to have him recalled here. I can't go to Walmart or my favorite menudo joint with out having some dumbshit who can not pronounce his name correctly ask me if I want to sign a recall petition. I usually just politely decline and say I like Joe and smile and walk away. Recently, after having a few beers at said menudo joint, I was feeling playful when they approached me this time. When asked if I wanted to sign, I said sure! I proceeded to sign " I HEART JOE" on the petition. They don't ask me to sign there anymore.
    By the way, I am hispanic, not that it matters.

  2. Well crankyjuan it dosen't matter, American is American, but I'm not eating any menudo.