A Growing Popular Event - "Beat Whitey Night"

Attacks by blacks on whites are going on in large urban areas all over the country and they are increasing in frequency and intensity, but the media is doing it's best to cover it up.  In the case of attacks at the Iowa State Fair the blacks involved made it an event and called it the "Beat Whitey Night".

The police spokeswoman Sgt. Lori Lavorato in the above video was later demoted by the Des Moines Police Chief for daring to say these black on white attacks were racially motivated.  The Des Moines Register reported the demotion, then removed all reference to the story.

So the powers-to-be in Des Moines decided to just act like nothing had happened, I guess hoping if they ignored it, it would just go away.

Then a big fight and gun shots broke out at the Des Moines CelebrAsian festival.  So, now it's Asian violence right?  No, it was blacks again.  Thanks, Mr. Obama, this is your doing.

Read about it here at WND.


  1. I think it's well past time to start organizing some "WHACK A BLACK" mobs and give these porch monkeys a taste of their own medicine till they get it through their thick skulls that just because they got numbnuts in the whitehouse and the DOJ cheering them on, it doesn't give them the right to start acting like they do with out consequences. Paybacks can get nasty.

  2. Its time for whites to pay the piper after killing the Indian's and stealing their land and for killing and enslaving blacks for hundreds of year's if white mobs ever, ever, beat black's then it's gonna be a real white flight in places like my mighty Los Angeles we been ready and have more guns than scary whites and we are well trained plus the Mexican population is ready to join the fight to exterminate the devils,that caused the most horrific Holocaust and genocide in world history