Europe is Lost and America is Fading

America became great because of the ideas and wisdom of the people who created it and it was strengthened and enriched by the diverse people who came and joined in a shared vision.

This vision flourished and prospered to unheard of heights.  It was so unique throughout the world and people from everywhere wanted to come and join in this utopia.  They were so stunned when they arrived, they immediately wanted to become as American as possible.  They learned the language, they studied our history, they embraced our culture, they "Americanized" their surnames to sound more "American".  Sure, they retained parts of their ethnic culture through their native religion, food, rituals, architecture, etc, and that just made the country more interesting and enjoyable; but they became American first and Polish, Mexican, Russian, German, Japanese, etc secondly.

That's still the case occasionally, but more and more often, especially with many Mexican and nearly all Muslim immigrants, whether they come legally or illegally, they have no intention or desire to become Americans.  They are here for the wealth and the free ride and don't appreciate any of it.  In the case of many, many Muslims, it's worse than that, they are here to destroy.

When we were a young and growing nation, we needed immigrants, now we don't; just the opposite.

What the fuck happened?  Liberalism (multi-culturalism, diversification, and political correctness) and cheap labor fueled by greed is what happened.

Europe's need for cheap labor, fueled by greed caused them to entice Muslims to immigrate, but they didn't control it, and now they are being swallowed by an alien malignant culture bent on destroying the host countries and it can't be reversed.

Muslims have made ethnic cleansing a rational and justifiable self-defense action for the first time in modern history.

We are next if we don't wake up!

‘They don’t want to integrate’

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  1. Buck up! It is only the elites in Europe that stop the people there from expelling the Muslim cancer. The day will come.