Letting Military Gays Out of the Closet is Like Opening Pandora's Box

We are so much more intelligent and enlightened than our forefathers; there was no valid reason to bar women and homosexuals from military service.  Right?  I mean it was pure archaic ignorance to think it wouldn't work.

Really when you think about it, why should there be such an unfair system as rank?  Why have officers and enlisted, shouldn't they all be equal?

When the military was forced to accept openly queer members, political correctness took over and it became politically dangerous to interfere with gay behavior and queers became empowered to behave queerly.  Who didn't see that coming?

And now you get this......WND:

"A recent military report on sexual assault in the military shocked many in Washington and around the nation, but a leading expert on military personnel revealed the prevalence of men assaulting other men is one of the major headlines in this study. 
The extended analysis of the report first appeared in Monday’s edition of the the Washington Times. 
The Defense Department survey of sexual assault in the military during fiscal 2012 estimated 26,000 assaults took place in the armed forces. Nearly 3,000 of them were formally reported. Just more than 6 percent of women reported being victims of assault and 1.2 percent of men said the same. Given the much larger number of men in the military, those numbers suggest 14,000 of the assaults in the Pentagon study happened to men. 
Among the assaults formally reported, 88 percent of reports came from women and 12 percent from men. The numbers are getting dramatically worse."

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