Red Light Tickets

Anyone know of a red light camera hit man for hire?

I truly and vehemently hate these fucking things (and speed cameras).  I've only gotten a ticket once from a red light camera, but my wife, daughter, and granddaughter spend more on these than they do for their auto insurance.

They are not legal, but no one will admit it.  In Texas, they are a civil violation and the only recourse the city has is to file a lien against you for non-payment.  Also, if the county Tax Assessor agrees to do so, they will not renew your vehicle registration if you have a red-light ticket non-payment.  Luckily, our county Tax Assessor will not oblige the cities on this.

Here's a story where Florida is manipulating the traffic light timing in order to increase revenue from these damn things.

What's next; robot cops walking a beat?

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