Redford Sees the Damage, But Not the Cause

Ole Bob (he let's me call him that) used the Cannes press conference to say that the US has lost its way.  He blames it on economic and technological development (capitalism in liberal speak).

Ole Bob is a good actor and he can play the part of a reasonable person if he has a good script, but let him think for himself and his liberal brain fucks him up every time.

I run into this all the time talking to liberals; they often recognize the problems our society has developed like lousy schools, rising crime, government corruption, declining morals and ethics, mob mentality, teen pregnancy, loss of family values, etc, etc., but they incapable of recognizing the cause......LIBERALISM.  They rail against all these ills, and then go vote for the very people who caused the problems in the first place.  Liberals are all about ideas and emotions, but never about results; oh, it didn't work, try it again, or make it bigger.  The idea never changes, just the intensity or the method.

He says we have lost something since World War II.  He's correct, it all started going down hill in the 1960s; about the time the post WWII generation started coming of age.  That new crop of young, enlightened people known as hippies who were ripe and ready for socialist indoctrination; they were the genesis of the "Hope and Change" Obama is ripping us apart with now.

Read the sad story here.

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