Something More Dangerous Than Obama, the IRS, and the UN Combined

This post might lead to the end of this blog since Google owns Blogger.com.

For those who don't know, the Bilderberg Group is a secretive cabal of powerful people around the world whose purpose is to shape and control, world politics and economics.  In fact, it has virtually become a "shadow world government".  Heads of State have become simply the public faces or representatives of this organization.  Here's a partial list of powerful participants.  BTW, for you fellow Texans, Governor Rick Perry attended the last conference.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a prominent member of the Bilderberg Group, and it appears that Google played a role in the Egyptian uprising and Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Egyptian government.  I suspect that Google has been manipulating the so-called "Arab Spring" and providing technology and coordination for the rebels.

Now it seems Google and the Bilderberg Group are entering into a formal partnership.  This partnership will give the Bilderberg Group not only the power to influence governments, but also the power to manipulate public opinion through it's vast spying capability and social networking sites.

Google pretends to be a privacy advocate by reporting on FBI use of it's data, but if fact the FBI only gets to share a small portion of the data Google collects on it's users.

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