Zip Code 53206 - The Nexus of Liberal Evil

If want to see the perfect storm of what liberalism can bring and what is probably the future of the entire country if liberalism is not defeated, you need look no further than east Milwaukee along I-43.

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Blacks comprise 96 percent of the Zip Code, Latinos are 2.1 percent, and whites are 1.6 percent.

There would have been far more homicides had some of the hundreds of non-fatal shootings resulted in their intended outcome. Between 2006-2009 there were 501 nonfatal shootings in 53206, comprising 27 percent of all nonfatal shootings in Milwaukee.

Between 2010 and 2011, there were 873 non-fatal shootings in Milwaukee, and 182 (20 percent) were in Zip Code 53206.

Overall, Milwaukee is also one of the 10 poorest cities in America, and the state of Wisconsin was once known as a “welfare magnet.”

Over the course of the 1970s and 1980s, Wisconsin’s welfare benefits grew to be more generous than benefits in neighboring Illinois. By 1985, a Chicago family of three on welfare (AFDC) could increase their monthly cash benefit by roughly $200 by moving 90 miles to Milwaukee. By 1989, Wisconsin’s governor at the time, Tommy Thompson, worried that the state was becoming ”a welfare magnet.”


  1. Chief, you mention that things will get worse if we don't defeat Liberalism. I have to ask: do you believe that at this late stage Liberalism can be defeated at the ballot box? Voting for another Republican stooge like Romney or McCain, who is next up for the repubs? Think he can win by voting as usual? Everyday is another insult to the Republic by our President. What is your take on the upcoming unpleasantness? Alex

  2. I'm afraid you are right. This past election was probably an irreversal tipping point and shows the libs/commies have won by indoctrination and dumbing down America to the point we are a ship of fools. I look for an economic and social collapse, and the Feds using the chaos in grabbing total control.