If You're Doing Your Job Properly Why Hide What You're Doing

This current administration are a bunch of smug, self-serving elitists.  They are attempting to circumvent  public and Congressional oversight by hiding what they are doing through use of secret email accounts.  They claim its being done to prevent their official email from being overwhelmed with unwanted messages.  I believe that's what secretaries and assistants are for.

Its illegal, this is a direct violation of the Public Records Act.

(2) Each agency, in accordance with published rules, shall make available for public inspection and copying—
(A) final opinions, including concurring and dissenting opinions, as well as orders, made in the adjudication of cases;
(B) those statements of policy and interpretations which have been adopted by the agency and are not published in the Federal Register;
(C) administrative staff manuals and instructions to staff that affect a member of the public;
(D) copies of all records, regardless of form or format, which have been released to any person under paragraph (3) and which, because of the nature of their subject matter, the agency determines have become or are likely to become the subject of subsequent requests for substantially the same records;

I was once a Federal Employee and was told, the above applied to everything I wrote pertaining to my work or duties.

The Bush White House got caught pulling this shit in 2007, and I'll bet the Obama administration is doing it too.

I suspect, like DOJ, DOE, IRS, HHS, and State, every department, agency, and bureau of the Obama administration is engaged in partisan and unethical and/or illegal activities, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff and records of such activity will be nearly impossible to uncover because of tactics such as these secret email accounts.

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