It's Time To Hunker Down and Mind Our Own Business

This WND article on Syria asks:
"Is victory for either side worth yet another U.S. war? 
Ought we not stand back and ask: What vital interest is imperiled here?"
Which leads to the larger question; what are our vital interests and where should we involve our selves and how?

I understand the need for power projection as a vital part of self defense and that we have a responsibility to protect our true allies like Israel.  The problem is many so-called allies are not true allies and in many cases, we really have no vital interest in protecting them; surely not to the point of our being drawn into a war.

With the exception of protecting Israel, stopping Iran, and trying to keep Turkey from sliding into the Muslim abyss, the middle east is a lost cause.  It's a foregone conclusion the entire area is going to become a giant Islamic theocratic empire and a mortal enemy of the West.

We have squandered our economic might and will it soon become apparent to the world we are no longer a "super power".  We would be wise to start thinking in terms of defense and stop trying to be the world's police force.  We are already in a huge war which we are not officially fighting, with an enemy we don't recognize.

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  1. Good points all. No question it's time to pull back.