The Next Phase of the War on America

WH Climate Adviser: 'A War on Coal Is Exactly What’s Needed'

Any one with the ability to reason knows that practical alternatives to oil and coal are at least, decades away and they also know the use of fossil fuels cannot be tied to climate change.  In fact "global warming" has been completely debunked.

Executive Orders Liberals Can Believe in

It's not a war on coal, it's a an escalation of the war on America, and it's not about the environment, it's another destructive tactic in bringing down the economy, forcing a civil rebellion and taking absolute Federal control of the country.

He's not the least bit concerned about the unfolding and escalating scandals regarding the abuses of his administration, if fact he's using them as a media distraction this latest, massive assault.  It will be far too late, by the time this asinine Congress does anything to stop him.

We are going to see huge jumps in energy costs, another economic retraction, and power grid failures as a result of these latest actions.

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