It's An Avalanche, Not a Slippery Slope

Political Correctness is going nuclear!

There will be hard push back on this and I predict this will get so bad, queers will run back to the closet and lock the door!

CHARISMAnews:  For years, gay activists and their allies have mocked our “slippery slope” arguments about the implications of normalizing homosexual practice and homosexual “marriage,” telling us there is no slippery slope. It turns out they were right. It’s an avalanche, not a slippery slope!

In the last two years, we have witnessed unprecedented advances in “gay rights” in America and abroad, including the aggressive advocacy of President Obama, the revamping of the Boy Scouts, two major Supreme Court rulings and statewide votes legalizing same-sex “marriage.”

What else has come along with these “advances”?

1. Semantic insanity. As England moves toward redefining marriage, the Daily Telegraph reports, “The word ‘husband’ will in future be applied to women and the word ‘wife’ will refer to men, the Government has decided.” According to John Bingham, “Civil servants have overruled the Oxford English Dictionary and hundreds years of common usage, effectively abolishing the traditional meaning of the words for spouses.”

In the government’s proposed guidelines, “‘Husband’ here will include a man or a woman in a same-sex marriage, as well as a man married to a woman. In a similar way, ‘wife’ will include a woman married to another woman or a man married to a man.”

So, a man could be a wife if married to another man (or not), while a woman could be a husband if married to another woman (or not), all of which begs the question: Why use words at all if they have utterly lost their meaning? It’s like saying that up is down (or up) and down is up (or down), while north is south (or north) and south is north (or south).

But this is what happens when marriage is redefined.

2. The war on gender. The Girl Scouts announced last year that, according to their official policy, a boy who identifies as a girl and presents himself as a girl can join the Girl Scouts, while there are now cases of cross-dressing males being named prom queen in their high schools.

On a regular basis, parents are fighting for (and winning) the “right” for their gender-confused child to use the bathroom of his or her current gender identification (with recent cases involving elementary schools).

Last week, California lawmakers took this a step further, approving a bill “that would require public K-12 schools to let transgender students choose which restrooms they use and which school teams they join based on their gender identity instead of their chromosomes.”

Read other dreadful details here.

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