Race War In the Future For USA?

"LBJ, and the Immigration Act of 1965 opened the floodgates of immigration from third world nations. California is the first state to show, via 2000 census, that traditional whites are a minority. If the trend continues, whites will be a minority in the entire nation by 2050.

We could so easily see what happened in the Balkans, also happen here in the USA. Apparently multicultural, multi-racial, and multi-ethnic democracies do not survive long. The minute the majority race, or culture loses it’s position of majority, the nation begins to undergo internal fracturing. It is my contention this is/was the plan beginning in 1965.

Our elected Presidents are doing nothing to prevent the coming collision of cultures. Each President has contributed to this looming crisis. I say crisis, not in the sense that these various immigrants are bad, or less of a person than Caucasians in America; I say crisis in the sense of a clash of cultures! To have “their” One World Government, you must first bring this nation down."

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Everything Obama is doing; gun control, open borders, debt accumulation, race baiting, money saturation, class warfare baiting, over-regulation, obamacare, etc is designed to destroy the republic and enable 'one-world-government'.  But he is just the latest President to move this agenda, not the first.  I believe that every President in the past 40 years has been guilty of this with the possible exception of Reagan.

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  1. Reagan signed the amnesty that helped flood the US with the 3rd world invaders.