The Race War Nobody is Talking About

I've been posting for a couple of months now aboutnhow black on white violence is going on all over the country, but mostly in urban areas.  It is nearly always black groups attacking lone whites and the media almost never reports the racial identities when it's blacks on whites, while trumpeting the news on the rare occasion when it's reversed.

Here is the latest:

Cobb County man slaughtered in random hate crime mob attack

Obama's KKK without the sheets.

If Mr. Chellew had been armed and defended himself, it would be another George Zimmerman media trial situation.  Racial oppression in America almost went away, now it's back, but in reverse.

White largess and pandering have allowed blacks to evolve into purposeless parasites with no skills or desire to better themselves and they blame whites for their own failings.  They are angry about the miserable lives they have created for themselves despite a host of available opportunities they have spurned.

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