Homeland Security is Pre-Staging Gear and Equipment

The Federal Government's plan for when we wake up.........

SHTF Plan:  "We live in a seemingly free country, so we’re told. But that may be because the majority of us have never spent time in a war zone or highly secured police state-like environment.

Few of us understand what it looks like when military and state intelligence assets take over.

Those who do understand, and have themselves implemented such plans in other countries, see exactly what’s going on and they are sounding the alarm (often falling on deaf ears).

In Concord, New Hampshire the local police chief has filed a requisition with the Department of Homeland Security to beef up his police force with a Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck to quell any disturbances initiated by activists or other potential domestic terrorists. In response, the residents held a city council meeting, prompting a retired Marine Colonel to weigh in."


  1. Well Chief ,leadership planning and organization would be helpful, along with any "special Talents" you old men might bring to the party... Just sayin'

  2. This way beyond any pay grade I ever held.