I Would Never Survive In Today's Navy

I don't possess the requisite political skills or powers of restraint.

Borrowed from NavyOne:

Cmdr. Mark Kahler:
"We as the Defense Department have emulated, ever so slowly, the values of the greater society, and we are on a slippery slope if we continue to head down this path. 
Our society has morphed from one of “It takes a village to raise a child” to one where every child is the parents’ prince or princess who cannot do anything wrong. 
When I reported onboard my first ship, the junior petty officers were empowered to ensure I was “taught the ropes” — not with hazing, but with a firm, loud voice and reinforcements — they were the villagers. I never wanted my leading or chief petty officer to hear that my work was substandard because, if they would catch wind of this, their involvement would have been three times more miserable than what I was potentially going to receive from the lower levels. 
This is no longer the case, as only the commanding officer is afforded authority to award punishment. Even then, in most cases the offender is given many chances to “fix themselves.” 
Mirroring society’s norms is resulting in development of leaders who are hovering over and coddling their sailors, making sure they’re not overworked or put-upon; an increase in the number of permissive leaders who are unwilling to say, “No, not good enough”; and in leaders more interested in getting ahead of their peers via “gaming the system” — skirting obstacles instead of taking them on, and passing that attitude down to junior service members rather than honestly facing challenges. 
There are multiple articles highlighting the fleet’s grandiose drinking parties, inappropriate relations, collisions with other ships, running aground, etc. Service members involved in these incidents don’t really get fired — they are mostly moved around and given another start.
Imagine the impact if a service member, regardless of rank or sex, who molests, robs, violates statutes or performs incompetently as a leader is given the maximum punishment, rather than telling 99 percent of the service members that they are being punished for the actions of the 1 percent. 
Don’t coddle, protect and be permissive of the actions of the few — make the offenders feel the pain."
Today's military commander is a political hack rather than a warrior.  He (or she) has to be or they would not be a commander; warriors don't get promoted to high rank anymore unless they conceal that trait.  If real leadership ability surfaces, they are immediately sacked, for they are viewed as a threat to the real political hacks.  Here are a few examples.

But it's not just the upper echelons who must be wary of behaving in a military manner; junior officers, Chief Petty Officers, and Petty Officers, must be conscious of being politically correct, non-offensive, and overly temperate.  

I recently shepherded the sons of two friends through the Navy recruitment process and assured that they got everything they wanted and were qualified for in writing in their enlistment contracts.  Neither one of them graduated from recruit training.  They whined and cried until the Navy sent them home.  And recruit training now more resembles summer camp than boot camp.

Only the Marine Corps has tried to resist the politicization and pussification of the the military which began in ernest with Viet Nam and LBJ who tried to completely run the war from the White House  But even they will fail with the recent openly gay policy and complete integration of women.  It's not the gays or the women who will finish destroying the military as an effective fighting force; it's the culture they bring with them.

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