The Ka-Ching Dynasty!

Don't start thinking I'm a socialist, but China truly is getting rich on the backs of it's peasants.  One day, they will have had enough and look out!

Outside a private Beijing nightclub Porsches, Maseratis and Ferraris compete
for space. Inside the club is packed with the children of China's super-rich enjoying a 'palace' themed party.

China now has almost a million millionaires, six hundred billionaires, and the numbers keep growing at a staggering rate.  Current projections say that in ten years' time, half the world's billionaires will come from China. While there are warnings signs that the economic woes of Europe and the US will hit China, China's super-rich don't seem concerned. For some the hope is that the Chinese market will pick up the slack. For others, who have only known the good times,
anything else is unthinkable: "if I have any spare money I buy sports cars."

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