The Race War Continues - They Weren't Bored

Three blacks in Oklahoma murdered a white man, claiming they were just bored.  Bullshit, there is something much bigger and pervasive going on here.  Black on white violence is escalating across the country and being largely ignored by the media and government.

Statistics show that black-on-white violence is much more common than the reverse and has been going on for decades, but recently (since 2008) it is really amping up quite dramatically, but you don't hear about it in the media.  I don't know if they are being empowered and encouraged to this by their race-baiting pResident or they are acting-out as welfare spoiled brats under pressure as the economy deteriorates and unemployment numbers soar.

Whatever the reason, I expect it to get much worse and you won't hear about it until their victims start pushing back and then the media response will be completely twisted.

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