Female Purse Snatcher

I'll bet all three of these white guys will be charged with assault and unlawful restraint and the purse snatcher will walk.  Cynical?  The joys of diversity.

The snatcher's excuse: "Dude, she's rich".  Wonder who made her think that justified her actions.


GRAND RAPIDS, MI — An alleged purse snatcher got more than she bargained for on Tuesday after several pedestrians tackled the female and made a citizens arrest on a crowded downtown Grand Rapids sidewalk. Samantha Searl said she and her mother, Evelyn, were eating at the Parsley Mediterranean Grille sidewalk tables along Monroe Center NW about 1:20 p.m. when a female on a bike snatched Evelyn's purse and fled. However, she didn’t get very far. Several men tackled the female and held her down for about five minutes on the sidewalk along Ottawa Avenue NW behind the Grand Rapids Art Museum until police officers arrived and put the suspect in handcuffs. Evelyn Searl, 75, was knocked over and fell on her face during the incident. She was checked out by paramedics and did not appear to suffer any injuries. Her daughter teared-up expressing gratitude for the quick action by nearby pedestrians. “Those guys just make me proud,” said Samantha Searl.

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  1. ,,,and She should be proud , and so should everybody else including me, and I don't even live there!!!!!!!!!!!!This should be a wake up call for the rest of people that are sick and tired of these blacks and their "flash mobs" and "get whitey" attitudes.