Shit I hate Going to the Doctor

After I finished 'cracking' up watching this I got to thinking about a funny experience I had about 15 years ago.  I was getting a physical exam and we had done all the preliminaries and left the examination room for a stress test.  When we got back to the examination room, there was young man there who the doctor introduced as an intern and asked if it was OK if he observed the rest of the exam.

I said it was OK and a little while later the doctor asked if the intern could repeat the the 'digital" exam I had already been subjected to.  I said hell no.  I didn't like the first one and I wasn't going to have another.  The doctor asked how the intern was going to learn if he didn't get experience.  I told him, well we know my prostrate is OK, so let him check yours.  Then I added, why don't you check each others.

That was the end of that discussion, and my physical exam ended shortly thereafter.

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