So Much for the 9/11 "Million" Rag Head March

"A few dozen demonstrators attending a rally on the Mall once billed as the Million Muslim March were vastly outnumbered Wednesday by a Christian group objecting to their event and a counterprotest consisting of motorcycle riders honoring Sept. 11 victims.

The noon rally, called the Million American March Against Fear took place between 13th and 14th streets in Northwest and was sponsored by the American Muslim Political Action Committee."

In the America I knew and loved, these ass holes would not have dared to make any public demonstration on 9/11.  The America I knew and loved is now on the verge of destruction, brought down finally, by the 19th Amendment, for w/o the 19th Amendment liberals would still be merely an evil irritant.

Instead, there was this unauthorized, but far more appropriate demonstration:

"Two Million Bikers" Rally Roars Into D.C. Area for 9/11

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