Oh Shit!

First I saw this:

Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In US Government Soon

And I thought, "oh bull shit, I've seen crazy crap from The European Union Times before, this may be plausible later, but not yet."

Then I saw this:


  1. I'd be suspicious of the credibility of either news source. Having said that, a plan to seize total power using the debt "crisis" would be in character with this administration. One would certainly hope that if the president tried this our military would arrest him and his minions immediately, and arrange for an interim government until new elections could be organized. Is it not amazing that we even have to worry about things like this?

  2. The top his minions list would have to include the VP and SecDef at a minimum. And including some high level 'Republicans' like the Speaker and Senate Minority Leader.