Potato Gun Control

Apparently, possession of a tater gun can result in a raid by the Coast Guard.

Actually, that was simply an excuse to violate the First Amendment rights of a journalist who had caused a Federal agency to feel 'embarrassed'.

Well now they do have something to be 'embarrassed' about (but they're not).

Now it's the Department of Transportation pointing guns at citizens.

The Federal government is completely out-of-control!



  1. Sorry Chief, I have to correct some of the 'conclusions' you reached.
    1) no evidence that any of the personnel from any of the agencies pointed guns, merely that they were armed.
    2) Nothing indicating which agency obtained the information for the warrant nor who actually served it.
    3) The CG was 'not' the 'embarrassed' agency - that was the Federal Air Marshall Service.

    I could probably go on but I think you get the point, there is more than enough stuff going on without sensationalizing things. Thanks for listening.
    Oh by the way, the U.S. Coast Guard has not been part of Dept. of Trans for nearly 11 years now, we were transferred to DHS as one of the original agencies.

    OTB MCPO sends (yep I was a Coastie)

  2. Thanks for the clarification Master, and I probably am getting just a tad paranoid, but this sort of armed raid has become way to common and usually unwarranted. Wonder why the CG was used. BTW way, I knew about CG being moved, just forgot.

  3. Chief, I suspect that the CGIS agents (think NCIS w/out the TV show :-) were 'invited' to participate due to the hubby being a civilian employee of the CG - just a guess of course. With the 'presumption' that there might have been classified info involved that would seem to fit.
    And remember, just b 'cuzz you is paranoid, don't mean that they ain't out to get ya!