New Navy Destroyer

The USS Zumwalt, is named after the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Admiral Elmo Zumwalt who screwed up the Navy.

Zumwalt set out in the early 1970's to make the Navy a kinder, gentler organization and wound up degrading discipline and moral, and made the Navy a less effective and more dangerous organization.  I experienced it and watched it happen.

He lobbed stupidity like hand grenades in the form of directives called "Z Grams".  If he had been given a code name it should have been SNAFU.


  1. Ah. The good old days before Zumwalt and his Z-grams.
    When you had to wear your uniform going on or off the ship or thru the gate.You had to rent a locker at the locker club in town to store and change into and out of your civilian clothes.
    When you had to be an E-5 or above and have your CO's permission to get married.
    When any one in your chain of command could conveniently "loose" your special request chit.
    When you had to change out of your working uniform into the uniform of the day to go to the NEX or Commissary or eat the Evening Meal.
    When you needed a special request chit for overnight liberty.
    There were 121 Z-grams (Z-NAVOPS) http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq93-2.htm Some that I didn't agree with like relaxing the regulations on haircuts/mustaches and sideburns. But I got over it. Some of the better ones like Z-45 Assistance to POW/MIA families. Z-35 Installing beer machines in Officer and Senior Enlisted Quarters and my favorite Z-57 (check it out if you want to know what the Navy was like before Zumwalt) http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq93-57.htm Elimination of Chicken Shit Regulations.
    Have you ever talked to a Sailor that was on a River Boat in the Delta http://www.tf116.org/# that had his ass saved by the Seawolves or Blackponies? Admiral Zumwalt (COMNAVFORV) was responsible for getting Naval Air Light Attack stationed in the Delta.

  2. I won't dispute the good things Zumwalt did during his career, but from my perception he did a lot of damage as CNO. I was in the Navy before and after Zumwalt was CNO, and I do remember the needless 'chicken shit' like locker clubs, and out-of-bounds chits. I was glad to see that crap go. But I believe he also started a new paradigm (maybe unintended) that led to increased insubordination, a degradation of military discipline and standards, and ultimately a loss of pride and professionalism. Those things may have occurred regardless of Zumwalt and the negatives have certainly gotten much worse due to liberal influence, but I have always blamed Zumwalt for letting things get out-of-hand .

  3. Z-grams pro or con at least big Navy named DDG-1000 after a 32 year Navy veteran, a warrior, not after a phony btard like Murtha or a commie like Chavas.