A Dim Christmas?

Remember this?  With all of his many scandals, and now Obamacare creating this nation's biggest crisis, I forgot all about this.

Christmas Lights? Electricity Price Index at All-Time High in U.S. 

He is incrementally, incessantly, and intentionally bringing down our economy and destroying the nation.  And we are simply sitting here watching it, and accepting it.

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  1. He's been doing it for 5 years, wait for these last three. Maybe then the American people will get off of their complacent uncaring asses and start doing something to get this muslim bastard impeached . IF this should really happen, I think it would be one hell of a pre requisite of impeachment that he NOT be allowed to stay in the country he tried to bring to it's knees. He loves the muslims.........let him go live with them !!