It's Not the Taliban, It's the Afghans As a Whole

Bush was an idiot to think he could create democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have no idea what Obama's goals are for the region.  I think Bush's were stupid, but altruistic.  I think Obama views our presence in Afghanistan as a means to support Islamic power and further degrade American resources, since his endgame is to bring down this nation.  The truth is that American foreign policy often harms more that helps and we are our foreign president's foreign policy.

It is not in our interests or those of the world at large to aid or spend American lives and resources in the Middle East other than Israel, or any Islamic region.  That's not to say we should ignore the evil called Islam, we need to counter it where needed, attack it where necessary, and discourage it's spread, but most important we need to stop thinking of Islamic cultures as sharing the same human values, principles, and morals as the rest of mankind.

It's my understanding that our goal in Afghanistan is to prepare the Afghans to resist the return of the Taliban to power.  The problem is that the Taliban is simply one component of a very sick and perverted culture and whichever component of this culture winds up in power will be no better than the Taliban.

The following story tells of very tragic loss of a young Marine, needlessly placed in harms' way and sent on fool's errand.

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