It's No Accident Obamacare Is Failing - It Was Intended to Fail

Most us of know the liberal fascists really wanted the so-called 'single payer' health care system (socialized medicine), they have said so.  Most us also assume they came up with Obamacare as an alternative because they knew Americans would not accept blatant socialized medicine.

I, among others, believe the assumption that Obamacare as an alternative is wrong!  Obamacare is a massive, and totally destructive bait-and-switch subterfuge being used to accomplish a number of subversive goals:

Obamacare will continue to unravel (as they knew it would).  Eventually, it will have caused so much suffering and become such a personal and public financial burden, and the caregiver infrastructure will be in such disarray that public pressure will demand an immediate solution.

The failure will be blamed on the insurance companies and Republicans, but the solution is waiting in the wings!  Fullblown, SOLCIALIZED MEDICINE!  This will be presented as the only effective and efficient means to re-establish a functioning healthcare system and relieve the suffering of the American people.

After this subterfuge has run it's course, a number of goals will have been accomplished:

+ Totally socialized medicine will be institutionalized, and the entire population will be dependent on the Federal government for all healthcare.
+ The economy will be in total disarray and free trade will become virtually non-existant.
+ The preponderance of the populace will be financially dependent upon and under the control of the Federal government.

The dumbing down of America is paying off big time.

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