Theft of a Nation

There is a lot of speculation that because liberals have overstepped themselves with big government disasters such as Obamacare, they will suffer resounding defeats in the 2014 election.  Don't be too sure of that; they may lose a massive amount of constituents and votes, but that does not mean they will lose elections.

I suspect Democrats have mastered the art of election corruption through cheating.  During and after the last general election, there were numerous reports from a number of States of election fraud, but these stories got minimal coverage and very quickly went away.  I think many more reports were suppressed.  A very few were actually pursued legally and there were a few convictions, but I don't recall that were pursued by the Federal government.

I don't believe Obama was actually elected to his second term.  For a while, before the election was called, it became apparent that he thought the cheating had not been successful.

Take a look at the linked article and the video below.  I believe liberals are masters at misdirection and manipulation; they learned from the very best, the Soviets.  While conservatives base their strategies on ideas and agendas, liberals seem to base their strategies on attacks, lies, propaganda through a friendly media, and fraudulent manipulation of the electoral infrastructure as shown in video below.

In these circumstances a conservative to win an election in any venue having any liberal influence of the election process, the conservative candidate must garner a large enough amount of votes to overcome the endemic liberal fraud built into the process.

I predict the 2014 election will suffer fraud on a scale never before experienced.  It will be so big, it will actually become visible, but they will get away with it with the help of the media and Holder DOJ, and 'panty waist' complacent Republicans who will just sit there incredulously and watch it happen.


And now they have a new cheating tool:

It's coming! Obama panel urges voting with iPad

Go to YouTube and enter 'voter fraud' and you will see vast numbers of videos purporting DEMOCRAT voting corruption.

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