'Representative Government', My Ass

How is it representative government if the representatives we elect, vote on new laws they haven't even read or understand?  As Nasty Nancy said of Obamacare, we have to pass it to find out whats in it.  I suspect most of the know-nothing Democrats who voted for it still have not read it and only find out piece-meal like the rest of us, on the news as it does more damage to the health care system and our lives.

The Federal government cranks out thousands of new laws and regulations each year, most of which have no benefit, or are down-right harmful, and many are unconstitutional.  There are so many that no one can keep up with them or know they exist.  But, get on the wrong side of the government and they will find one or more to fine you with, or take your freedom or property away from you.

‘The Imperial Presidency’

Americans rising up against government

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  1. You need a fuck the government button.