Black Flight?

You don't hear the term 'white flight' too much anymore.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term; it described the process of neighborhoods rapidly deteriorating as blacks moved into an area and as subsequent crime levels went up and houses and yards began decaying due to inattention.  Property values would go down and whites would sell out and leave the area.  As property values spiraled down, more blacks could and would buy up the remaining properties.

Now, apparently, the reverse is happening in parts of New York and Spike Lee is pissed.

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  1. The next thing you know, Starbucks will open an outlet, somebody will build a strip mall, Dollar General will open a store and they'll find some white guy washing his car; in a stained wife-beater shirt; a can of beer in hand; listening to Country and Western; and his wife will be Asian.

    Oh the horror.