Hillary? Why?

This is 'Hillaryous'.  Asking Hillary supporters about her accomplishments; stops them dead in their tracks.  For that matter, what were Obama's accomplishments when he ran or since completion of his first term?  With liberals it's all about rhetoric, never performance.

DNC Attendees Can't Name a Single Hillary Accomplishment


  1. Hillary 'accomplishments', hmmm let me think. Oh yeah, she got fired as a legal aide for the Warren Commission (according to her boss she was the most dishonest person he had ever met); she made a shrewd investment on some cattle futures; she dodged sniper bullets in Bosnia (she must be REALLY fast!) - I'm sure I can think of a few others given time (which she should probably be serving in a federal pen).

  2. Her accomplishments????
    1rst...........her ability to keep from getting her big lard ass from being put in jail for the crooked shit she's responsible for and an ordinary American would be in chains.. 2nd..... how about her lying about Benghazi?
    3rd..... her ability to make a lot of Americans think she's worth what they pay her for being a lying ass crabby, foul mouthed bitch to our military. people that have to keep this garbage safe.