We Will Probably Never Know

I have no way of determining the veracity of this video, and it's too late now anyway.  An official disclosure now that the person currently known as Barrack Obama was never legitimately the President of the United States would create a national crisis.  Personally, I think the crisis would be worth the truth.

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  1. The only national crisis that this would create would be the brain dead fuckstain elite
    gasping , while they held the back of their hand to their forehead, moaning that they had been deceived by "uncouth ruffians" !!!!!!!!! The supreme court should be held accountable for not having him at least investigated by the FBI, but instead took piglosi and biden's word for it. What is THEIR word worth????? Biden thinks the germans started WWll with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and piglosi says you have to read it to find out what's in it !!!!!! Now there's a pair you can trust, right??
    bothering to look into the matter, but