I'm Back

To those of you who drop by here, I apologize for wasting your time of late.

I am a reservist with an emergency management organization who, on rare occasions calls on my services.

Such an occasion occurred in late April and I mobilized to South Texas and I just returned home yesterday morning. I'm prevented from discussing the event, so I'm sorry I can't tell you anything, but it was interesting, challenging, and exhausting.


  1. south Texas? from a large city near there (SA). interesting, but nothing made the news here.

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  3. San Antonio is not south Texas. Sorry, but there are many more towns hundreds of miles south of San Antonio that are considered south Texas. Three Rivers and George West are south of San Antonio, Alice is south of them, and there is still 100 miles to go until the Mexican border.
    We appreciate your services, Chief.

  4. Welcome back. Good to hear from you.


  5. Welcome back Chief. I was getting ready to send you a "Wishing you a Fair Winds and Following Seas" message.