If We Actually Had a President

If we actually had a President of the United States, a perfect opportunity has just presented itself.  We invaded Afghanistan because the Taliban was harboring Al-Qaida.  At least that seems to be the official version.

Well Iran is now setting up training camps for Al-Qaida terrorists within it's borders, so if attacking Afghanistan was justified then this is a great opportunity to deal with Iran and we have a lot more reason to deal with Iran.  We would also have a lot more support, even Iran's raghead neighbors are scared of the Mullahs and want them dealt with.  Also, this is our last chance to deal with them before they are a nuclear threat and while we still have a military capable of doing it.

World Net Daily: In an agreement between al-Qaida and the Islamic regime, three camps have been set up within Iran to train terrorists, WND has learned. 
Al-Qaida members are trained to attack NATO forces in Afghanistan and collaborate with the Islamic regime on terrorist activities against Israel, the United States and some European countries, according to a source within the Revolutionary Guards intelligence division. 
The camps are in the Sistan and Baluchestan provinces of Iran bordering Pakistan, where the al-Qaida members are trained in terrorism and guerrilla-warfare tactics. 
The al-Qaida members, under the pretext of conducting commerce, enter Iran through local bazaars along the Pakistani-Iranian border, the source said. After completing the course, each al-Qaida member is paid the equivalent of $12,000 in appreciation of their participation and further collaboration with the regime’s Quds Forces.

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